Thursday, March 29, 2012



Invisible Trio Live recording by Dan Hetschel and his Roland Digi Field Recorder.
This is a documentation of the Bailey, Rossi & Sabolick trio.
.Gtr, Analog/Digital Synth, Bass.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Retrospective (2008-2012)

"Retrospective (2008-2012)" Invisible Path 2012
C 60 Astral Creek AC02...
Available at Tomentosa Records

The title is as literal as it gets here.
Side A is a collection of recordings from San Francisco, 2008, to Los Angeles, 2012.
Side B is a side long Upright Bass improvisation with field recordings; a poor man's homage to the "Four Dreams of China" (1962).

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deep Dives

"Deep Dives" Invisible Path 2012
C-60 AstralCreek AC01...
Available at Tomentosa Records

Deep Dives is a summary of the existence of how Invisible Path started off 2012.
Side A introduces the newest sonic developments of the solo consciousness of MB reaching out to the Spheres with keyboard, voice, guitar and prepared tape.
Side B begins with a live recording of the Invisible Trio, a prime example of the live improvisational performances occurring during that time.
The tape concludes with another MB solo ritual for Gong and Guitar, breaking away from the feedback and synthesizer combination to exhibit the multifaceted spiritual energy the Invisible Path explores.

Hermetic Dreamscapes on the Roots of Our Nature

"Hermetic Dreamscapes on the Roots of Our Nature" Invisible Path 2011
C-60 Brunch Groupe BG03...

Available at Tomentosa Records

"Invisible Path is a lurker's vessel constructed/helmed by Michael Bailey, former member of San Francisco's Barn Owl. On his cassette debut, 'Hermetic Dreamscapes On the Roots of Our Nature', lantern glow guides our transport through swaths of foggy dream-tone hustled by musty gusts of white noise. High-synth is the collected voice of unseen flora/fauna speaking as melismatic weather systems. Within a cavern, doom drone excavations stir a vestigial swarm of debris to reveal specters of the ancestral or hunger-spun hallucinations thereof. Synth, guitar, lap steel, double bass." - Brunch Groupe

"Great new cassette on the KWJAZ imprint documenting a series of intense, claustrophobic navigations of sheet metal memories and rust-occluded drone formations from former Barn Owl member Michael Bailey. Using synth, guitar, lap steel and double bass he generates cloud forms that suggest a kind of primeval shadow-play wherein high ghost tones stretch themselves to the point of tension-snapping violence and deep bass drones erupt will all of the slow motion tectonic fury of Inacu Dumitrescu. Edition of 114 copies."
Volcanic Tongue

Invisible Tour

"Invisible Tour" IP/Tigerbitch 2012
C-60 AstralCreek/Brunch Groupe....
Available at Tomentosa Records

The Invisible Tour was a tour that never happened. The 2 weeks set aside for a musical journey morphed into a 5 day romp around San Francisco. Tigerbitch was missed every day, having to stay behind. Family health always takes priority over fun.
Side A is a collection of bootleg recordings and singles by Tigerbitch, aka Grant C' de Baca, mixed by MB with the consent by G himself.
Side B is a muggy, fuggy live improvisational recording of the Invisible Trio, recorded on Dan H.'s Roland Digi Field Recorder.